Personal/Social Concerns

Kahok Intervention Squad (KIS)

KIS is a multidisciplinary team of teachers, counselors, social workers etc. that work together to help struggling students not fall through the cracks. If you would like your child to be refered to this team please contact your child's counselor.

Grief Group

To better serve the needs of our students CHS offers a grief group (in partnership with Heartlinks Grief Center) for students that have experienced the loss of a loved one. Please contact Mrs. Elliff or Mr. Kee for more information.

Relaxation Skills Group

This 5 week educational support group assists students with developing the skills necessary to handle stressful situations. Students learn about internal and external sources of stress, as well as several different methods of reducing and coping with stress.

Study Skills Group

This 5 week group helps students identify their learning styles as well as develop strategies for academic success.

Click here for files that we feel are helpful for parents who have students dealing with Social, Emotional and/or Academic challenges.

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