Local Scholarships

Scholarships marked with an asterisk (*) are our endowed Collinsville Area Community Foundation Scholarships.

Please visit www.collinsvillefoundation.com/ to learn more.


(1/31) Alton Pride Scholarship

(1/31) Busey Bank Scholarship


(2/17) Illinois School Counselor Association Scholarship

(2/24) Land of Lincoln ASMC Scholarship

(2/28) Dr. Gordon D. and Brenda Bush High School Writers Contest SIUE

(2/28) Latino Roundtable Scholarship


(3/1) Eric W Wood Memorial Scholarship (Lewis and Clark)

(3/1) Larry Jones Memorial Scholarship

(3/1) SWIC Foundation Scholarships Priority Deadline

(3/1) Township Officials of Illinois Scholarship

(3/11) St. Clair Chapter of Illinois Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship

(3/15) Amy Blumberg Scholarship- Eastern Illinois University

(3/15) NAACP Edwardsville Chapter Educational Grant

(3/21) SW IL Buffalo Soldiers Troopers Scholarship

(3/26) New Life Scholarship

(3/31) A. Darlene Hale Scholarship SIUE Specific for CHS Students

(3/31) Alton Memorial Health Equity Scholarship

(3/31) CHS Delta Epsilon Scholarship

(3/31) Heneghan and Associates Scholarship

(3/31) HBR Professional Women In Building Scholarship Metro-East

(3/31) HBR Union Contractors Council Scholarship

(3/31) Kelley Liljegren Scholarship CHS only


(4/1) Alpha Kappa Alpha Madison County Scholarship

(4/1) CAVC Automotive Scholarship *

(4/1) CEA Cade Calvert Memorial - Service Learning Scholarship

(4/1) Collinsville Masonic Lodge 712 Academic Scholarship

(4/1) Collinsville Masonic Lodge 712 Vocational/Technical Scholarship

(4/1) Marita J Donohue Memorial Scholarship - CHS Band

(4/1) Marilyn and Doug Huber Vocational Scholarship- CHS only *

(4/1) Ronald Ganschnietz Scholarship

(4/1) Rotary District 6510 Foundation Scholarship

(4/2) Josephine Marley Beckwith Future Leaders Scholarship

(4/2) Justin Markezich Memorial Scholarship (CHS Students Only)

(4/3) St. Louis Sports Commission Carl Fricks Sportsmanship Scholarship

(4/8) Junior Service Club of Collinsville Scholarship

(4/8) Kellsie's Hope Nursing Scholarship CHS HOSA StudentsOnly

(4/9) John A. Renfro Bright Future Scholarship

(4/15) The Racial Harmony Scholarship

(4/17) Alpha Delta Kappa Educational Scholarship

(4/17) Ava's Grace Scholarship

(4/17) BJC Scholar's Fund

(4/17) Deaconess Foundation Nursing Scholarship

(4/22) Stan Schaeffer Memorial Scholarship

(4/24) Karen D. Perry Arts and Entertainment Scholarship

(4/29) Metro East Pride Scholarship

(4/30) CMC Rotary Johnny O. Scholaship

(4/30) Code Enforcement Officials of Southern Illinois Building Trades Scholarship

(4/30) Kahokstrong Fred Fierce & Sarah and Ryan Stolcis Scholarship

(4/30) Ken Hortsmann Scholarship


(5/1) Rotary District 6510 Gregory F Yank Scholarship

(5/2) AFCEA Scott AFB Chapter Scholarship



(7/1) Jessica Uhl Memorial Scholarship- SIUE




(10/29) Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association Scholarship

(10/31) Voice of Democracy VFW Scholarship


(11/5) SIBA Scholarship


(12/31) CHS Multicultural Discover The World Scholarship